2011 Flow MACH4 2513B

CNC Waterjet

Control: Flowmaste Xpert PC-based
Table Size: 98″ x 51″
X Axis Travel: 96″
Y Axis Travel: 48″
Z Axis Travel: 7″
Cutting Speed: 300 IPM
Maximum Traverse Movement: 500 IPM
Pump: HyPlex Hybrid 30d UHP
Main Motor: 30 HP
Operating Pressure: 60,000 PSI
Cutting head: Dynamic Head HD Waterjet
Machine Weight: 14,000 lbs


XD Dynamic Cutting Head +/- 60 Deg Angular Motion
Precision PASER cuttign head DWJ
UltraPierce vacuum assist
Dynamic contour Follower
High Pressure Whip Plumbing Package

More Info: http://2spade.com/2011FlowMACH42513B.html


2014 Sharp STA-4460

CNC Tool Room Lathe

Control: Fanuc oi-TD
Bore Capacity: 12″
Chuck Size: 25″
Spindle Speed: 350 RPM
Spindle Motor: 50 HP
X Axis Travel: 23.62″
Z Axis Travel: 59.06″
Rapid Rate Z Axis: 118 IPM
Turret Tools: 8
Rapid Rate X Axis: 118 IPM
Max Center: 59″
Max Swing: 44.09″


Chip Conveyor
Steady Rest
Full Enclosure

More Info: http://2spade.com/2014SharpSTA4460.html


2001 Mori Seiki SL-603BMC/1000

CNC Turning Center

Control: Mori MSC-501 (Fanuc 21T)
Max. Swing over Bed: 40.55″
Max. Swing over Crosslide: 28.85″
Max. Turning Diameter: 35.43″
Distance between Centers: 51.18″
Max. Machining Length: 39.37″
Spindle Bore Dia.: 6.5″
Spindle Nose: A2-20
Spindle Motor: 50 HP
Spindle Speeds: 45-700 RPM
Number Of Turret Positions: 10
X – Axis Travel: 19.09″
Z – Axis Travel: 45.28″
Tailstock Quill Diameter: 5.90″
Tailstock Quill Stroke: 5.91″
Tailstock Travel: 43.31″
Tailstock Taper: MT5
Machine Weight: 33,000 lbs


Chip Conveyor
24″ 3-Jaw SMW Autobloc Chuck
Live Tooling

More Info: http://2spade.com/2001MoriSeikiSL603BMC1000.html


2004 Milltronics ML20

CNC Turning Center

Chuck Size: 15″
Maximum Swing Over Bed / In Gap: 21″ / 28″
Swing Over Cross Slide: 11.8″
X-Axis Travel: 11″
Z-Axis Travel: 33″
Spindle Nose / Spindle Bore: D1-6″ / 2.25″
Spindle Speed: 2,600 RPM
Spindle Motor 30 minutes/continuous: 12 HP / 10 HP
Turret Type: 8 Position Turret
Rapid Traverse Rates X / Z: 314 IPM / 393 IPM
Cutting Feedrates: 100 IPM
Machine Dimensions: 120″ x 83″
Machine Weight: 5,100 lbs


15″ 3 Jaw Chuck
8 Position Turret
Conversational & G Code
RS232 Port Interface
Solid Boxed Ways
Flood Coolant
Chip Guarding

More Info: http://2spade.com/2004MilltronicsML20.html


2014 Haas VF-4

Vertical Machining Center

Control: Haas
Table Size: 52″x18″
Max Table Load: 3,500 lbs
Spindle Nose To Table: 4″ – 29″
X-Axis Travel: 50″
Y-Axis Travel: 20″
Z-Axis Travel: 25″
Spindle Taper: CT 40
Spindle Speed: 8,100 RPM
Spindle Motor: 30 HP
Tool Changer: 24+1 Side Mount


24+1 Side Mount Toolchanger
WIPS (Includes Work & Tool Probes)
Coordinate Rotation & Scaling
Custom Macros
Spindle Orientation
Rigid Tap

More Info: http://2spade.com/2014HaasVF4.html


2008 Sodick AG55L

CNC Die Sinker EDM

Control: Sodick LP10
X-Axis Travel: 22″
Y-Axis Travel: 16″
Z-Axis Travel: 14″
Table Size: 29.52″ x 21.65″
Max Workpiece Weight: 2,220lbs

More Info: http://2spade.com/2008SodickAG55L.html


2006 Miyano BNJ-42SY

CNC Turning Center

Control: Fanuc 18i-TB
Power Chuck & Size L/R Spindle: 5″/4″Oil Hyd
Max Bar Capacity: 1.65″
Max Turning Length Bar/Chuck: 3.94″/3.15″
Spindle Motor L/R: 10 HP/5 HP
Spindles Speed Range: 67-5,000 RPM
R Spindle Slide Travel X2/Z2: 2.75″/20.3″


Number of Stations: 12
Turret Index Time: .2 Sec
X1 Slide Travel: 6.10″
Z1 Slide Travel: 9.84″
Y1 Slide Travel: +/- 1.18″


Number of Stations: 6
Turret Index Time: .2 Sec


Number of Stations: 6
Spindle Speed: 4,000 RPM
Spindle Motor: 3.3 HP
Max Machine Hole Size: .511″


Machine Dimensions: 106″L x 59″W x 68″H
Machine Weight: 10,140 LBS


Chip Conveyor
Live Tools
LNS Bar Feeder

More Info: http://2spade.com/2006MiyanoBNJ42SY.html