2005 Anca RX7

CNC Tool & Cutter Grinder

-Position Feedback and Programming Resolution-  
X-Axis: .0000039″
Y-Axis: .0000039″
Z-Axis: .0000039″
C-Axis: .0001 deg / .001 deg
A-Axis: .0001 deg / .001 deg

Max Tool Diameter: 9.4″
Max Workpiece Weight: 44 lbs
Grinding Wheel Diameter: 8″
Main Spindle Motor: 26 HP
Spindle Speed: 10,000 rpm


DX-NT w/ windows XP Control
I-View Inspection System
I-Grind 3D Simulator
inspection microscope
RX7 Fixturing
Paper Band Filtration
Mist Collector
All Available Tooling and Manuals

More Info: http://2spade.com/2005AncaRX7.html