1957 Fellows 4GS

Manual Gear Shaper

Maximum Pitch Diameter External: 6″
Maximum Pitch Diameter Internal: 6″
Maximum Diametral Pitch Spur: 4
Maximum Diametral Pitch Helical: 5
Maximum Face Width External & Internal: 2″
Maximum Helix Angle with Standard Guides (using 5″ Cutter): 45 DEG
Spindle Speed: 37-635 SPM
Approximate Dimensions: 56″ LR x 44″ FB x 82″H
Approximate Weight: 6,500 lbs


For External And Internal Spur And Helical Gears
Cams And Other Non-Involute Shapes
Motor Driven With 3 HP, 3 Phase, 60 Cycle, 220 Volt Main Motor
Coolant Pump Motor
MD Lubrication System
Complete Electrical Controls
Straight Spur Guide
Manual, Semi-Automatic And Fully Automatic Cycles
Coolant System Automatic Lubrication System
Change And Feed Gears

***Two Identical Machines Available***

More Info: http://2spade.com/1957Fellows4GS.html