2011 Tsugami SS32

CNC Swiss Type Lathe

Control: Fanuc 32i-MODEL B
Number of Axis: 8
Working Bar Stock Diameter: 0.31″ – 1.25″
Sliding Headstock/Guide Bushing: Yes
Max. Length with Guide Bushing: 12.6″
Main Spindle Max. Drilling Diameter: 0.47″
Sub Spindle Max. Drilling Diameter: 0.39″
Tool Spindle Max. Drilling Diameter: 0.31″
No. Tool Positions: 24
Main Spindle Speed: 200-8000 RPM
Sub Spindle Speed: 200-8000 RPM
Live Tool Speed: 5000 RPM
Main Spindle Motor: 5 HP / 7 HP
Sub Spindle Motor: 2 HP / 5 HP
Machine Dimensions 79.5″ x 65.9″ x 79.5″
Machine Weight 7,495 lbs.



Chip Conveyor
Live Milling Y Axis in Both Main & Sub
Simultaneous 8 Axis Cutting
12ft Edge Patriot 338 Magazine Bar Feeder
Parts Catcher
30+ TF37 collets
6ea X axis live tools
1ea Z axis live tool
5ea OD blocks
6ea+ wedge for turn tools

More Info: http://2spade.com/2011TsugamiSS32.html