1995 Star SR-16

CNC Turning Center

CNC control: Fanuc 16TTA
Max. turning diameter: 5/8″
Max. headstock strike: 8″
Max. Stationary cap.: ER-16 4 position front and back end working
Power-driven attachment: ER-16 3 POSITION
Spindle speed: 500-10,000 RPM
Main spindle motor: 2.2 Kw/3.7 Kw
Main & Sub spindle indexing: 15 deg.

-Power-driven att. spin. speed-

Cross mill: 350-5000 RPM
No. of tools: 5-OD
Mill/Drill /slot: (3 live ER-16-Cross)
Tool shank size: 12.7mm x 95mm

-Sub-spindle (back working)-

Max. chucking dia.: 5/8″
Max. length for front ejection: 3-5/32″

Dimensions (approx): 7’x3.5’x6.5’H
Weight (approx): 4400 Lbs


3 Live tool stations
Parts Catcher & Parts conveyor
Coolant system & Splash guards
FMB Mini-Turbo 12’ magazine bar feed
Over 50 carbide guide bushings
All available static holders ER-16 (7pcs total one er-20 holder with modified shank)

More Info: http://2spade.com/1995StarSR16.html