1992 Bewo 315-AUTO-FEED

Automatic Cold Saw

Capacity Rounds: 3.54″
Capacity Squares: 2.75″
Capacity Rectangles: 3.5″ x 2.75″
Blade Diameter: 12.4″
Stock Stroke: .2″ – 12.2″
Cutting Speeds, Range: 3,400 RPM
Blade Down Feeds, Range Infinitely Variable: 900″-1800″/Min
Approximate Machine Weight: 1,000 LBS


Blade Tilts 45 Degrees for Mitre Cuts
Automatic Workpiece Clamping
Power Length Setting and Readout
Automatic Material Feed
Digital Length Display
Mulitple Stroke Stock Feed
Manual or Automatic Cycle
Feed and Speed Selector Control

More Info: http://2spade.com/1992Bewo315AUTOFEED.html