1978 Toshiba SHIBAURA TSS 20/40A

Manual Vertical Boring Mill

Table Diameter: 78.70″
Maximum Swing: 157.50″
Maximum Height Under Rail: 78.70″
Number of Heads: 1
Table Speed: 120 RPM
Table Motor: 50 HP
Max. Turning Diameter to Center: 126″
Max. Turning Height Above Table: 78.70″
Max. Workpiece Weight: 44,000 LBS
Vertical Travel of Tool head: 36″
Horizontal Travel of Tool Head: 68.50″
Horizontal Travel of Column: 9.40″
Ram Size: 8.25″ Square
Max. Clearance Cross Rail & Table Surface: 88.70″
Vertical Travel of Cross Rail: 41.30″
Rapid Travel of Tool Head: 250 IPM
Feed Rate of Tool Head: .0001 to 40 IPM
Range of Table Speed: 3-Steps Variable (1 to 120 RPM)
Machine Dimensions: 264″ x 205″ x 240″
Machine Weight: 66,000 LBS


Single Column Design
Side Head
Digital Readouts
4-Jaw T-Slotted faceplate
Misc Tooling Guards
ELECTRICS-460 Volt Wiring

More Info: http://2spade.com/1978ToshibaSHIBAURATSS2040A.html