2014 Haas ST30-SSY

CNC Turning Center

Control: Haas
Over Front Apron: 31.75″ (806 mm)
Over Cross Slide: 20.75″ (527 mm)
Over Tailstock: 23.0″ (584 mm)
Chuck Size: 10.0″ (254 mm)
Max Cutting Diameter (varies with turret): 16.0″ (406 mm)
Max Cutting Length (without workholding): 23″ (584 mm)
Bar Capacity: 3.0″ (76 mm)
Spindle Max Rating: 30 hp (22 kW)
Spindle Max Speed: 4500 rpm
Spindle Nose: A2-6
Spindle Bore: 3.50″ (88.9 mm)
C Axis Max Rating: 5 hp (3.7 kW)
C Axis Max Speed: 6,000 rpm
Number of Turret Stations: 24
Machine Dimensions: 171″L x 90″W x 98″H
Machine Weight: 14,300 LBS


Automatic Tool Pre Setter
Hydraulic Programmable Tailstock
Intuitive Programming System
Belt Chip Conveyor
High Intensity Lighting
Servo Auto Door
Internal High Voltage Isolated Transformer for 380-480V
Standard Tool Holder Kit
Benz Live Tooling

And More, Please Ask If Interested

More Info: http://2spade.com/2014HaasST30SSY.html